AboutIt all started on a rainy Mother’s Day afternoon. Michelle Stoup and her family sat at the kitchen table brainstorming a clever name for their family business. It turns out, the answer was right outside the window. Because making Mini Memory Keepers is the perfect activity for a rainy day, Rainy Day Sunday was born.

Mini Memory Keepers started as a side business, mostly as part of craft shows. The beautifully decorated Mini Memory Keepers were such a big hit that the Stoups began to fully pursue it as a family business.

As a stay-at-home mother and homeschool parent, Michelle loves operating a business while also spending more time with her children. Rainy Day Sunday is truly a family venture – Michelle’s husband, children, niece, nephew, parents and brother all make up the heartbeat of this business. The kids stuff sleeves and separate kits, while her parents help with folding and gluing the books. Her husband and brother help with the business and marketing strategies.

Creative Canvas

Today, Rainy Day Sunday still creates Mini Memory Keepers by the thousands, but since purchasing the production materials, the company can now efficiently create the template of the Mini Memory Keepers.

The Creative Canvas provides you with the foundation to make your own Mini Memory Keeper quickly and easily. Just purchase the Creative Canvas template and decorate with the paper, ribbon and pictures of your choice. Mini Memory Keepers make a great activity for beginners as well as advanced crafters.